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World's 1st Pop-Up Sustainable Fashion Show Trolley Tour

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

Fashion Show on the Go!

Tailor Sallee hits the streets to make history, showcasing a fashion show tour featuring live music at 6 different locations around Saint Petersburg, FL on the Star Trolley.

Video Courtesy of ABC Action News

Ballgowns and Trolleys, oh my! Sustainable fashion designer Tailor Sallee and models showcased 6 different looks at 6 different locations including the Vinoy Hotel, Museum of Fine Arts, Sundial Shopping Center, Enigma Nightclub, Ferg's Sports Bar, and El Cante Club. Making a scene at each stop of the tour, the crew stepped off the trolley with style and had live musical performances by special guests Mikel SoulHop and DJ Bellicosii. The models walked improvised runways through crowds of bystanders and posed as Mikel sang his original songs "Show it Off" and "It's On U". After a final walkthrough the trolley was loaded back up and headed onto its next destination. Locals could also observe the Sallee Squad cruising down the streets of downtown St. Petersburg in between stops.

Designer, Tailor Sallee poses with models wearing her re-worked dresses and DJ Bellicosii

The designs showcased were re-worked from pre-loved or vintage fabrics. Two of the designs were actually up-cycled from the designer, Tayler Sallee, mother's wedding dresses. Sallee recreated the pieces in tribute to her mother who has an upcoming wedding this March and has finally found true love. The designer states that she incorporated these pieces to encourage people to never give up on love.

The Tailor Sallee team makes history with Star Trolley for the 1st ever Trolley Fashion Tour

Watch all 6 stops of the tour below!

Stop #1: The Vinoy Hotel & Resort, St. Petersburg

Stop #2: St. Pete Museum of Fine Arts

Stop #3: Sundial St. Pete Shopping Center

Stop #4: Enigma Nightclub, St. Petersburg

Stop #5: Ferg's Sports Bar & Grill, St. Petersburg

Stop #6: El Cante Nightclub, St. Petersburg

All of the designs from the show are available for purchase on

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