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As It Was: A Virtual Fashion Show Journey Through the Decades

In June 2023, we had the extraordinary opportunity to host a groundbreaking virtual fashion show for our upcycled fashion brand, where we breathed life into the essence of past decades. This remarkable event unfolded amidst the charming vintage ambiance of Gulfport, Florida's renowned "As It Was" vintage furniture and decor store. With the collaborative efforts of Neon Dreams Productions capturing the essence of our collection and the skilled hands of makeup artist Victoria Drotleff (@violetflametouch) and hairstylist Caiti (@hairwithcaiti), the stage was set for a truly remarkable journey through time.

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Reviving the Past: Inspired by the allure and glamour of bygone eras, our upcycled fashion collection sought to bring back the nostalgia of past decades while remaining sustainable and eco-friendly. As champions of the circular fashion movement, we took great pride in crafting exquisite pieces that breathed new life into pre-loved garments and materials. Adding a harmonious touch to the event was the live musical performance by the talented Jenna Denne, setting the tone for an unforgettable experience.

As It Was - The Perfect Backdrop: The choice to host our virtual fashion show at "As It Was" was a no-brainer. Stepping into the store was like embarking on a delightful trip through time, surrounded by unique vintage furniture and decor from various eras. The fusion of our upcycled fashion with the store's enchanting setting created an atmosphere that was nothing short of magical.

Harmonizing Time and Melody: Jenna Denne: Adding an enchanting dimension to the virtual fashion show was the live musical performance by the multi-talented Jenna Denne. With her soulful voice and captivating melodies, Jenna's presence added an extra layer of emotion and artistry to the event. Her music resonated with the audience, further enhancing the connection between the past and present.

Behind the Lens - Neon Dreams Productions: Capturing the spirit of our collection fell to the talented team at Neon Dreams Productions. Their keen eye for detail and passion for visual storytelling ensured that every stitch, every texture, and every nostalgic element of our garments was immortalized through the lens. The result was a mesmerizing virtual experience that transcended the confines of the screen.

The Beauty Team: Completing the transformation of our models into living embodiments of past decades were makeup artist Victoria Drotleff (@violetflametouch) and hairstylist Caiti (@haiwithcaiti). Their expertise and dedication brought authenticity to the looks, transporting the audience back in time with each model's entrance.

The Grand Reveal: As the virtual fashion show commenced, viewers were transported through a series of curated scenes, each representing a distinct decade. From the exuberant energy of the roaring twenties to the bohemian vibes of the 70s, our collection showcased the timeless elegance and creativity that has transcended generations.

Empowering Sustainable Fashion: Beyond the glitz and glamour, the heart of our virtual fashion show was the commitment to sustainable fashion. Upcycling, as the cornerstone of our brand, demonstrated the potential for fashion to be ethical, eco-conscious, and yet immensely stylish.

Closing Thoughts: Our virtual fashion show at "As It Was" was a celebration of the timeless allure of past decades and an ode to the possibilities of sustainable fashion. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who contributed their talents to make this event a resounding success. Together, we have set a new precedent for the fashion industry – one that embraces both creativity and conscience. As we bid adieu to the virtual runway, we look forward to a future where upcycled fashion continues to inspire and redefine the very essence of style.

About the Author: Tayler Sallee is the creative force behind the upcycled fashion brand, Tailor Sallee. With a passion for sustainable fashion and an eye for vintage aesthetics, Tayler aims to revolutionize the way we perceive and consume fashion in the modern world.

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