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Renovate Projection Fashion Show

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

On January 14th, 2022, Tailor Sallee teamed up with Neon Dreams Productions to try something different than a traditional catwalk. The two brands collaborated for Tampa Bay's first projection fashion show. Models wore our up-cycled fashions down the runway and stopped to pose at the end while colorful video animations were live projection mapped onto their body forms. The collection's designs were all white which created a canvas effect for the rich colors and visual movements to really captivate the audience.

Projection mapping is an emerging technology that is being used in fashion, especially for its zero-waste creative aspects. The fashion presentation was more like a reactive art experience, and it included 6 stylized runway silhouettes, several looks, and even 6x6' projection-mapped backdrop walls. The animation sequence was created specifically for the event and used visual elements that move towards the viewer similar to the 3D effect, but without the use of glasses.

This presentation premiered at Renovate, which is @populuom monthly themed art gallery with this theme being "Something New" which we found very fitting with the mixing of futuristic tech and recycled clothing.

Image courtesy of @excusememister and @lyndsy_photos

Makeup Artist: Corey Finkle

Venue: Coastal Creative in St. Petersburg, Florida

See some stills of the show and watch the whole performance below.

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