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Live Green, Make Green: Eco-Friendly Tips for Homeowners By Lisa Walker

Updated: Dec 27, 2021

A Bit About Lisa.....

Lisa Walker is a mom of two boys. She created Neighborhood Sprout as a passion project to share her love of homeownership with others, and she enjoys writing home- and community-related articles in her spare time. When they’re not tackling their latest DIY home project, she and her husband, Jake, love taking their boys trail hiking or to the beach.

Live Green, Make Green: Eco-Friendly Tips for Homeowners

As climate change continues to be a topic of global interest, many homeowners are looking for ways to live in a more sustainable fashion. Fortunately, a conservation lifestyle can save you money, and some green home upgrades can actually add to your home’s appraised value.

Be Environmentally Conscious

Basic green living principals can help you reduce your carbon footprint.


  • Reuse as many items as you can. Save packing materials for when you mail your next box, use refillable ink cartridges in your printer, and shop at thrift stores instead of buying new.

  • Repurpose things in creative ways. For example, old clothing can be used as cleaning rags, and a chipped vase can be used as a planter.

  • Reduce refuse. Try to avoid buying consumer goods with a lot of packaging. Bring your own reusable bags to stores and farmer’s markets.

  • Recycle everything that’s recyclable. Assume everything that doesn’t go into the recycle bin goes to the landfill.

Green Your Home

There are a number of ways to green your home - many of which can save you money while you work toward saving the planet.

  • Conduct an energy assessment with help from the Department of Energy. This will help you determine where you can save energy and reduce costs.

  • Buy Energy Star appliances. When it’s time to upgrade or replace, look for appliances that are environmentally friendly and reduce energy consumption.

  • Install solar panels to harness the power of the sun and help reduce your energy usage.

  • Begin a composting system to recycle organic waste, and limit your water usage with quick showers and xeriscape landscaping.

Buy Sustainable Products

“Green companies” are growing exponentially. Look for ways to patronize these businesses as a form of environmental support.


and repurposed goods.

  • Promote sustainability in the workplace. Buy green products and eliminate plastic water bottles and utensils.

  • Voice your support of sustainable businesses - they often pay more to produce green goods, and customer evangelism is important.

  • Buy consumer goods from green clothing manufacturing companies like Tailor Sallee.

In addition to being good for the environment, green living also has the potential to help you save money, and even make money in the form of appraised home value. If you make sustainable upgrades to your home, keep receipts and take before-and-after photos to demonstrate the value you’ve built into your property.

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