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An Entrepreneur's Guide to Promoting a Business Through Podcasts

Success in business is often reliant on one's ability to make their products and services known. This is the most basic principle in marketing, but an effective marketing strategy requires you to understand how to reach your target audience. Podcasts are an increasingly popular form of media that you can incorporate into your promotional practices. Statistics show that the reach of podcasts extends to around a quarter of Americans or more. Once you understand how to use podcasting as a marketing tool, you can take steps toward innovating the promotion of your business.

Understand What a Podcast Can Do for Your Business

Many podcasters begin the endeavor with the intent for it to be a serialized production. You might release new episodes of your podcast on a weekly or monthly basis. By finding a compelling angle from which to talk about your industry, you can earn the attention of an audience that will return for each episode with an eagerness to hear what you have to say.

Whether you decide to take an informative approach or an entertaining one, the key to a successful podcast is to understand your target demographic and tackle a specific subject that they find interesting. Listeners that start as fans of your podcast might then become customers of your business out of respect for you as an authority in your field.

Choose a Subject for Your Podcast

Hosting a podcast that simply talks about your business can be dry and uninteresting to a broad audience. Instead, choose a theme that is related to your business while also being dynamic enough to generate compelling new content for each episode.

For example, a clothing business could draw interest through a podcast about fashion trends or sustainability advancements in the industry. In this way, the clothing business attracts fashion aficionados or environmental activists who are only one degree of separation away from becoming customers.

Plan Your Hosting Format

One other consideration to make before recording your first podcast regards your preferred hosting style. Having a co-host is beneficial for helping conversation flow and offering a differing perspective on the topics at hand. Your co-host can even help you come up with fresh ideas or provide behind-the-scenes expertise.

If you do not have a business partner or industry peer to serve as a consistent co-host, you might proceed as a solo host. Keep in mind that bringing in guests for certain episodes is still a great idea for keeping the format fresh with dynamic discussions.

Market Your Podcast

While you might begin producing a podcast to help promote your business, you also have to promote the podcast itself. Your existing social media pages are the perfect platforms to do just that.

Create a Facebook ad with an online tool to create eye-catching advertisements that spread the word about your new podcast. The best tools provide pre-made templates that you can customize with many different fonts, colors, and photos. When you are satisfied with your Facebook ad, you can simply download it to use however you wish.

Not only is podcasting a viable marketing method for a growing business, but it can also be very fun and fulfilling for you. Podcasts are great for generating discussion with your audience and therefore fostering a sense of community. When you use social media to promote your podcast, you provide yet another avenue for engagement with listeners who might soon become loyal customers of your business.

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