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Why Networking Is So Important for Creative Entrepreneurs

Building a business is no easy feat. It requires a strong sense of purpose and an actionable marketing plan. These challenges may be even more difficult when the product you’re trying to sell is your own creative skill. If you are a painter, musician, fashion designer — or any other type of creative — you can simplify this process by connecting with the right people. Networking will allow you to get discovered, develop an audience, and make a profit. The following tips shared by Tailor Sallee can help you develop some strong networking skills.

Who Should I Network With?

As a creative, your goal is to get your work in front of your target audience. This is a matter of both artistic fulfillment and financial stability. Nothing feels better than when people see your work and appreciate its intent. Validation doesn’t pay the bills, though, and you also need people to buy your products or services. To this end, you need to network with people who will help others discover your work.

Investors can be a great resource for this goal, but you should remember that investors don’t always wear a nametag announcing their position. Any person who has funds to promote your projects can be a potential investor. Rather than knocking on the door of Goldman Sachs, then, you should connect with people who can offer organic support. This can include friends, family members, and colleagues.

In addition to connecting with investors, you should find a mentor who can help you guide your business. This person may be a fellow creative who has monetized their skills or a business person who can offer financial advice. This person can help you make important decisions such as how to set up your business. Your business structure determines your tax liability, so you should choose carefully. Once you’ve decided, you can opt for an affordable online service that will complete the required paperwork.

Where Do I Find Networking Opportunities?

Knowing who to network with is a good start, but it’s not particularly useful if you don’t know where to find them. Successful creatives know a little secret, though — every interaction is a networking opportunity. Indeed, whether you’re chatting with somebody at the grocery store or discussing work with a friend, it’s a chance to be discovered by more people.

According to the experts at the Harvard Business Review, “networking is a necessity.” You should approach networking with enthusiasm, no matter where it takes place. Whether you’re at a party or reconnecting with an old friend, remember that people will often reflect the energy you bring to a conversation. If you are excited to talk about your creative project, they’ll be excited to hear about it.

If you’re not sure how to find high school friends, you can get back in touch with your St. Petersburg, FL classmates by using a search engine for high school graduates. You simply need to enter their name, graduation year, and high school. You can then see their contact information and reach out to them to network and share your creative pursuits.

How Can I Leverage My Connections?

Networking, getting discovered, and selling your work are all challenging prospects for a creative entrepreneur. When you develop the ability to network with confidence, though, you can enjoy the benefits of your professional connections. Form your business using an online service to see just how far your talents can take you.

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