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A Small Business Owner’s Guide to Sustainable Practices

A helpful article about striving toward a waste free life by guest author, Lisa Walker.

Today, finding ways to reduce your small business’s eco-impact and supporting sustainability is increasingly important. Luckily, there are plenty of opportunities to shrink your carbon footprint and benefit the ecosystem. According to Alaska Waste, 70% of businesses are incorporating recycling practices into their policies, and 92% of young professionals are more inclined to work for an environmentally conscious company. Here’s some information you need to get started.

Utilizing Sustainable Possibilities

Many small businesses have concerns about utilizing sustainable possibilities. Often, the fear is that they won’t get a significant return on their investment, either through direct cost savings or increased sales.

However, you can see a positive outcome by choosing the right options. You want to focus on improvements and changes that are associated with a positive social impact, addressing the concerns of eco-conscious customers without alienating shoppers who aren’t as concerned. Usually, as long as a change doesn’t negatively impact your product or service and any associated cost increase (if applicable) is reasonable, you’re in safe territory.

It’s also important to note that many sustainable practices have no direct impact on consumers beyond altering their perception of the company. For example, the following changes can all support sustainability and reduce your costs without harming the customer experience:

  • Recycling more

  • Choosing rechargeable batteries

  • Going with LED bulbs in workplaces

  • Exploring solar solutions

  • Using tank-based printer ink solutions

  • Turning sleep mode on for company computers

  • Moving to cloud services to eliminate the need for internal servers

All of those options either reduce landfill waste or limit your need for electricity, positively impacting the environment.

Examine each of your business practices to determine how you can make them greener. Then, consider how those changes impact your expenses and customer perception. If making the change leads to a net gain – such as by cutting costs, increasing efficiency, or boosting sales – it could be a great place to begin.

Advertising the Benefits of Your Shift Toward Sustainability

As you start embracing green business practices, it’s wise to update your advertising. Highlight the ecological benefits of your new sustainable operations to attract interest from customers who take that into consideration when buying.

One step you can take is refreshing your logo to align it with your new position. A logo helps boost brand awareness and ensures you make a strong impression. When creating a logo, you can use an online logo maker for company logo design instead of hiring a logo designer. You’ll be able to select a style, choose an icon, add some text, and review an assortment of logos. Then, you can adjust the fonts and colors to customize your favorite.

You’ll also want to use social media as part of your marketing efforts. If you want the campaign to be effective, you may want to work with influencer marketing agencies. You can find one by going to online job platforms. Then, read the reviews, check costs, and weigh experience to find the best one for you.

Starting Your Sustainable Company

Many people think that launching a sustainable company is hard. In reality, it’s all about making a series of smart, green choices. By using a “one at a time” approach, it’s far easier than you’d like, so why not get started today?

Once you’re ready, you’ll need to choose a business structure. In many cases, going with an LLC works well for small businesses. You’ll get:

  • Less paperwork

  • Reduced liability

  • Tax advantages

  • Flexibility

Plus, you can bypass lawyer fees by using a formation service or filing yourself. Just make sure that you review local laws before starting, as they vary by state.

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